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After a long hiatus, NidaWayy is back with a bang thanks to her new single "Careless." NidaWayy, with her trademark smooth and amazing voice, gives a fascinating performance that will have you in amazement and awestruck. Thanks to the legendary Chad Dexter, the track's production values have been raised to new heights. In the greatest conceivable way, "Careless" will whisk you away to a mystical land of dancing and music where you may forget your worries and just enjoy the moment.

The infectious beat of the song makes it impossible to resist dancing to it. Even the most introverted listeners will find themselves tapping their feet and nodding along. "Careless" is an appealing song that will be played on dance floors and playlists everywhere. NidaWayy has once again demonstrated why she is a major player in the music scene.

There are also whispers that NidaWayy has a duet up her sleeve. Fans are keeping their paws and toes crossed in the hopes of catching this historic musical collaboration.


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