Nvidia es mejor conocida por construir GPU, pero dice que en realidad dedica "el 80% de nuestro tiempo al software".

 What does Nvidia now require? During a recent presentation at the Future PC conference, the company admitted that its focus is much more heavily placed on the product side of things than on the equipment.

Manuvir Das, Nvidia's head of large-scale registration, made some noteworthy remarks at the meeting, which were relayed via the Twitter client @7innivator (via sweclockers), including: "at Nvidia, we invest 20% of our energy on the equipment and 80% of our experience on the product."

Considering that Nvidia is already shipping out its new RTX 40-series GPUs, the 80/20 divide is difficult to imagine. Das's statement is a refresher that Nvidia is working on more than just graphics cards and that they are merely a necessary evil for its goals.

Nvidia has released RTX Remix, a modding platform that enables modders can efficiently add artificial intelligence-improved RTX tweaks to existing DirectX 8 and DirectX 9 games, joining the company's already-notable DLSS supersampling and outline rate aging technology. More and more video tools like RTX Broadcast are being developed with the use of artificial intelligence to better serve the needs of their customers.

At the conference, artificial intelligence was a hot topic, and an Nvidia executive described it as a "full-stack issue," meaning it necessitates solutions on both the hardware and software ends. Nvidia's Omniverse platform, which uses the processing power of its GPUs to do things like build a virtual Earth 2, also features heavily in the realm of artificial intelligence.

We are slowly but surely chipping away at the equations to figure out what our equipment can and can't do," Das added.

"At NVIDIA, we devote only 20% of our resources to the hardware and 80% to the software.The math is something we have to deal with regularly in order to understand what our machinery can and cannot achieve. Artificial intelligence affects every layer of a computer system.Twitter Image: zFM4XNbjV Quote from Manuvir Das, Head of Big Business Computing at $NVDAJMay 1, 2023

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