El humorista Felipe Polanco “Boruga” entra a la plataforma de Santiago Matías

 Santiago Matas, a Dominican American financier, has announced that Felipe Polanco, the eponymous "Boruga" of Dominican humor, will be joining the talent roster of the Alofoke Media Gathering, a messaging platform. Matas announced it on Instagram, inviting the parody stalwart who has been performing in the Dominican Republic since the 1980s.

Although Matas has not provided specifics on which program Boruga would be a part of, his dedication to the entertainment industry and career in Dominican satire suggests he will have a significant on-stage presence. A photo of the two of them was included in Matas's tweet, which he captioned, "Welcome to @borugard to the main correspondence stage at the Latin level @alofokeradiofm # FreddyBeras2.0 More subtleties soon." Many people quickly welcomed Boruga and praised his decision to pursue his calling in life.

Dominican comedian, moderator, and creator Felipe Polanco is better known by his pen name. Along with Freddy Beras, Milton Peláez, Cuqun Victoria, Luisito Mart, and others, he is an essential character for the generation of primary Dominican performers who emerged in the 1970s and 1980s. To get laughs, he highlights the oddities of Dominicans by comparing and contrasting them with those of other countries, especially the first world. His portrayal comedy and satire have kept him at the top of Dominican parody despite his solemn appearance. In your opinion, what does this mean?

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