Glen Matlock sobre las posibilidades de que Sex Pistols haga un espectáculo de hologramas al estilo 'ABBA Voyage'

 If they can find any 3D symbolism of Sid Vicious at this point, it will be a major breakthrough.

Bassist Glen Matlock has hinted that the troublemaking band Sex Guns might perform a "ABBA Journey"-style multi-dimensional image show with the late Sid Awful.

In a recent interview with The Mirror, Matlock speculated that the concept of visualization shows would not be able to satisfy the real thing. "There's nothing like a band playing with enthusiasm, buoyant energy, in front of a live crowd — in order, with two or three lagers inside them, or an espresso, making it work," he said.

He continued, "If they can find any 3D symbolism of Sid at this stage, that will be a major accomplishment."

Sid Horrendous, only 21 years old when he died in 1979, succumbed to an overdose of medications.

Matlock shared his belief that punk music can serve as a "little block in the mass of progress" in politically tense times in a final conversation with his father.

"In Britain in those days there was a ton continuing and there's an immediate lined up with what's happening now," he explained. 'Head On A Stick' is my interpretation of 'Rebellion In The UK,' which I just released. There is a lot of wrong that is still going on, and people should be held accountable for it.

My guess is that we're starting over, but what you need are some younger children to make that happen. That doesn't mean they aren't making progress; it's just that now that I'm older and wiser, I can't keep my finger on the beat of everything all the time.

He continued, "Punk is inextricable from being a little bit more actionary and a touch seriously finding out the underlying story and not being excessively reduced. Not caring about how things appear is one of my favorite aspects of anarchist music. It's just a stepping stone, a tiny building block in the big picture of progress.

On July 1st, London's Gem Castle will host Iggy Pop's "Hottest time of the year" party, featuring a live performance by Glen Matlock of Blondie. More recent additions to the tab include the Buzzcocks and the Lambrini Young Ladies.

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