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 Savoy's current track "Digital River" announces their triumphant comeback to the music scene. Paul Waaktar-Savoy, whose name you may recognize from his time in the band a-ha, is a co-singer, co-songwriter, and co-guitarist for this synthpop and indie-rock trio, and he leads them with his usual aplomb. This offering captures a distinct vibe that rings true to both nostalgia and modern innovation with its perfect blend of acoustic drumming, electric guitar, fascinating layered vocals, and entrancing synths.

Savoy incorporates famous goth and new wave themes of the 1980s into their particular musical tapestry, resulting in an engrossing and absorbing soundtrack. Paul Waaktar-Savoy, his wife Lauren Savoy, and drummer Frode Unneland have a great chemistry together, which is audible in their music.

Savoy's "Digital River" perfectly illustrates their development, proving they are still an important and forward-thinking band in the modern music scene. It's a reflection of their timeless talent and their knack for fusing different musical styles to make music that crosses generations.

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