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Caruso everything's good everything's great man how you doing I'm doing good I want to know how did you start in music how did I start music well I guess when I was younger like everybody else that gets into this game they listen to the radio and they heard a song that moved them so greatly that they said wow I wanted I want to do that too and I guess for me it started with The Beatles you know listening to London McCartney write songs the only difference between me and most other people I think well not most other people some other people is that instead of just getting caught up and getting Intoxicated by their infectious Melodies I decided to take the songs and rip them apart by the chords and the structures and learn what was it that they did to make those songs happen so basically in essence when I did that I Actually taught myself Theory and it's hot and in the guitar and learned the formula of basic songwriting yeah that's how it kind of kind of started for me and um it's never stops you know so it's it's it's evolved a lot I can tell you that I mean I've I've grown greatly as an artist um you know I I started humbly back in you know 15 20 years ago and you know I really I Had a lot of work to do and you know I don't know but you know this is a pretty cool story about my story and yeah what happened was in in 2015 um I actually died on the table in the emergency in the uh operating room and they brought me back to life and um I had been a songwriter all along trying to be a songwriter but for about the next year um I I had to struggle with my mental you know immortality with it in a second I thought I'm gonna die I'm gonna die you know and and and it got to be really it got to be really burdensome and over overwhelming and so even in the midst of being saved I even contemplated you know just I can't take it anymore and then one night I went home uh about a year later and I went to bed instead of doing anything stupid and uh I woke up the next morning and I with a song called warm and and and Warren is the first video you'll find on a YouTube channel Uh of the 308 ghost train and Caruso it's the first song I ever wrote for the 308 ghost train and um and after that I never looked back and uh 23 releases later 50 million streams five Awards um you know countless amounts of accolades all over the world the 308 ghost train took me to a place um that got me distributed by Warner music groups back in May back in May what happened was the 308 ghost train needed To take a break for a little while and I didn't know what I was going to do I was back I was really trying to figure out what I was going to do and all of a sudden the phone rang and it was body of mind the people that work over with Warner yeah and they said look man you know all along you've been writing all the songs why don't we put out something a little different and tap into a different fan base and let you Write some of these ballots because a lot of the ballads and a lot of the the popular stuff was not getting played on the road man yes nobody everybody wants to hear the rock stuff right so I felt like a lot of people were coming to me saying you know we people need to hear these songs people need to hear these songs because they'll they they need to hear your work so they decided to Brand me by my last name Caruso because it's a great musical name Yeah so so like I don't really have to do much branding with that last name which is cool because you know it's easy to remember and um so I said yeah what the heck let's do it and you know I didn't realize man I didn't realize that when when I got into doing it yeah how much I was gonna love the songs so much I love them so much I don't I don't want to go back and do the rock I want to continue to do this Uh I heard that you're coming on the project come and naming moving on why'd you name the project that the with that name moving on well it just made sense I mean I mean when I wrote the song Moving On listen that's that's the title that's the title track for the album but it it's not going to come out till 2023 but you know in the midst of having all this uh all this you know stuff going on And you know all this like you know you know push and people and dragging and the stress right I was headed up to Angel's house Angel Soto he's the guitar player for three train office headed up there to do some demos for this new project and as I'm driving up to his house you know I wrote the song in the car and I said wow so I got to the house and angel said Hey listen man I got a great bridge for that so we did it and Finished it together but when I looked at him I said Angel this this is probably going to be the new this is going to be the new deal bro yeah we're probably gonna go in this direction so moving on just kind Anna is me saying a little bit I'm not saying goodbye to the 308 ghost train because man we did a lot people love the band but I'm saying that the 308 ghost train is going to sit in the station for a little while take a rest so this new this new Artistry is Going to go try to build a train of its own is it been difficult being solo like has it been difficult to be in Solo artists man can I tell you I hate to see this on on an interview but man it's a lot easier I don't have I don't have to deal with four other guys breaking my shoes all the time about different things uh you know like you know like when you're a Band man everybody everybody's got their little Hang-Ups and man try to spend try to spend a couple weeks on a bus with four four other guys and like you don't want to kill each other you know what I mean it's yeah it's impossible but see now as a solo artist I don't have to really be stressed out about whether Angel likes something or or Luca likes something or you I they basically gotta kind of like just follow my lead which is easier because I'm kind Of like the musical director in a sense of the songwriting yeah yeah so so I don't have to have any like fights over anything you know so it's a lot easier nice and the guys the guys have been good about it they've been pretty good about it and that's so I have to I'm gonna take them with me on the road when I go do this but see the new the new concerts yeah the new live shows they're going to be a little bit different Hector they're Going to be they're going to be like a little more intimate like you know acoustic driven yeah intimate listening rooms because it's time for me to let the people hear the music not just feel the energy I hope you come to Massachusetts one of these days so I could see you later oh absolutely absolutely what part of Massachusetts are you I'm in Boston right now okay so but what part of Boston uh uh Roxbury Roxbury okay so I gotta keep that I'm making a note of that right here all right uh I I gotta I gotta get up there I gotta get up there and see my boys the wahlbergs yeah I gotta I gotta go to see Paulie and get me a wahlburger uh I haven't tried it yet but then I heard that they're really nice yeah when I come when I come up to play we'll both go over there with you when you come here oh Absolutely well hopefully hopefully we can get Donnie and Mark over there so we can make a mess of it heard your first song come from your new project moving on that is green why you name the song dream uh what inspired that song well well of course it's always Amanda you know I mean a lot a lot of my songs a lot of my songs are either written in some type of a I I either get them in my Sleep or or I'll look at I'll look at Amanda and I'll say something or I'll have a dream and dreams was basically about tying together the story of before I met her yeah I was looking for love and couldn't find it and then after you meet him after you meet somebody yeah you feel that like you feel that like that that like kindred spirit or that it's like you know him it's like you know maybe all along yeah do you wonder you wonder What what was was the dreams you were having before were they premonitions to the Future so what was going to happen yeah so dreams dreams came about because of um because of that I mean it's just the basic it's a basic true love story you know about how we we always dream man we always dreaming for the best for ourselves and sometimes we don't find it but when we do we want to when we do we want to share it with the world and you Share a Joy about it and that's that's kind of where dreams came from um it's a Dream It's a dream come true because if you listen if you listen to the end of the song yeah basically basically it's a lesson in there too is that if you want you see your dreams come true you got to open your eyes okay you got you gotta open you gotta open your eyes to see your dreams come true you can't walk around this world like this man you can't if you think Yeah you're gonna fall off a cliff you're gonna you gotta open your eyes man because life is partial partial spirituality yeah it's partial reality when you take the ghost and you bring the spirit into your life like that and you open your eyes and you walk with the spirit in reality yeah dreams come true man I mean anybody can make dreams come true eventually is going to find the the Dream On Hey man you know how they say in the streets keep pushing forward keep it 100 and keep pushing forward yes that's that's nothing nothing was ever nothing was ever truer that that's just true man yes I mean I don't care where you come from I come from very humble background very blue collar humble backgrounds outside of Philadelphia yeah and you know what man we never had anything so maybe that motivated me bro but I just kept pushing you know just pushing Pushing pushing no you got to see you got to stay genuine too man you know you gotta you gotta keep it 100 a lot exactly because so people can respect you the same way you understand respect for you yeah and look you know this when you talk to a guy or or a female or artist you can see right through them if they're not if they if they're posing or fronting or they're you know or they're do you just get a vibe from them you get The vibe whether they're real it's a deal or they're not you know so so I mean you just have to come into this game genuine man there's a lot of cats a lot of cats make the mistake of presenting themselves as more than where they're really at position wise in their career and and they actually stop themselves from getting further quicker yeah you know just slot just slide in there and be thankful humble and and there's more Strength in humility than there is in arrogance Amen to that Amen to that uh yeah so I also read on your bio that you wasn't published in a hundred magazine and imagine I imagine the way that you feel that everybody published your music and everybody published your story how does it feel when you hit when you see that when you see that so what are you asking me how do I how does it feel this Yeah how does it feel to be published it broke up oh yeah um well I tell you it's um it's honorable man I mean well I I guess for me I'm so thankful that people even take to my Artistry yeah they like they wanna like let's just take you for an example it was very humbling for you to reach out to me and say hey man I want I want to interview you so every time somebody does that it's an honor I like the music And I wanted to find out about your music so that the moment I figured that out but you see for me that I'm thankful for that because because if it wasn't for you and everybody else that did the same thing I probably wouldn't be where I am right now and and I know I wouldn't be so you know you have to remember that it isn't me that just makes it it's all of you with me that makes it happen because without you guys without you without the Radio guys for that I mean I can't I mean nobody would know who I am you know yeah so it's also I'll tell you something else it also does and you know thank God for this because what it does is it it tells you in a way that you're doing something right you're where you're supposed to be because yeah if you're not meeting with that resistance where nobody's you know contacting it might be time to take a look at what you're doing Yeah if people start pouring out the love for you I think that's the way God lets us know that we're doing what we're supposed to be doing in his in his world for us and then right away yeah we're we're headed down the right path now yeah there's no guarantees but you know how it is you got to help him to help you so you and I here tonight are putting another another chapter you know in the Chapter we're putting another story in the chapter and and there's people in Roxbury Massachusetts tonight and and your fan bases into your listenership who are going to learn a little bit about me and if I touch one heart tonight then I've done what I'm supposed to do that's that's that's perfect that's a perfect way to say it uh I always I want to ask this question because this question I always asks everybody this Question because it's my favorite and this question is what would you tell that the younger you that nobody told you when you was growing up in the music industry oh geez you got an hour go ahead go ahead well somebody I think Amanda either Amanda or Angie one of one of my teams said to me there they you know she's they said you know Anthony you need what are we gonna what do you want to tell what do you want to Tell the younger people I said go to school stay in school go to college be a doctor be a lawyer because this business will chew you up and speak you out and if you can't if you don't have the fortitude of a prize fighter okay it's going to be tough okay now I'm not saying don't explore your music creativity but I'm telling you the one thing you need to do that I didn't do in The beginning which set me back was like learn the business part of the music business first before you start acting like an artist learn how to be a publisher a producer a manager a promoter yet all those hats working too and then do your Artistry become a well-rounded artist don't go out there in the world saying I'm going to be famous I'm going to be this coming back because he you're probably not if you go if you approach It that way so so I mean and the other thing is is before you start going around tooting your own horn master your crap you know master your songwriting crap every songwriter thinks his last song's the best song don't think like that think my next song is going to be the best song I I need to go more I have I gotta I gotta do better um you gotta change your mindset a little bit so that I mean those are two Good things to tell young people coming up nice um into the business man nice sales funnels Brothers sales funnels that's what it's all about everywhere everywhere you never know when you gotta have them all over now forget about streaming man streaming don't pay no money yeah they don't pay no money no more like they use nah forget forget about Spotify man go Tick-Tock Toxic tick tocks in a growth algorithm man yeah people don't understand it tick tock's in the growth algorithm which means that until they until they get all their base so they can sell it off yeah cut it off and Brace the advertising dollars the algorithm is set to grow just like Facebook was in 2007 SoundCloud was in 2014 they all started with a growth algorithm and then once they hit the place where they felt like they could maintain it goes to a it goes To a revenue algorithm yeah now they cut you where they cut you off from the masses and they make you purchase it like they take you they take you like like Facebook won't show you to your top 25 or 50 people now yeah you used to do thousands because they want you to boost the post of what's this boost the post do costs money they make money for boosting it Beyond 50. well take advantage of tick tock right now for the next year because after that It's gonna it's gonna close up in another year or two no that's my advice what can we expect from you musically after this next project uh wait say that again well we could expect from you musically after this project hmm um I'm not sure man um I I can I plan on continuing I mean I plan on continuing writing and and I'm I'm gonna follow this solo career for a While I think I'm gonna I think I'm gonna walk you down this road for the next hopefully for the next 10 years and I'm and I'm always going to be here to support that I love you for reaching out and and if there's anything I'm able to do for you and your your listenership or your show uh you you can count on me to come you know you know help out and promo send me links send me links to the interviews Send me your all your social media we'll I'll get my team on there and they'll they'll be you know supporting too because that's what it's about it's about Bill this is why I like to do my little interviews so everybody grows together I'm saying that this is why I like to do interviews because I like uh I like to grow this community together with that with everybody Well send me out I'm sure you're gonna post it up on is this live on Instagram or no no this is gonna go to YouTube after this oh okay yeah okay so so we'll do the YouTube and then send me the link and I'll get some I'll get on there and I'll subscribe and uh get my team and my my people and then we'll put the link on our Facebook our Instagram you know we'll we'll push it out too to try to to try to help you to grow your your your subscription list too thank you so much Monetize your channel thank you so much any any last word you would you would like to say before we finish this interview uh I just want to say man thank you so much man for having me on here today I'm humbled and I'm honored to be on this show I'll come back anytime you want me to and uh just my puppies are fighting they're having they know I'm on the they know I'm on the TV they're they're like hands so the last Thing I'd like to say is I love y'all and please follow me the song drops on September 23rd that's the release date it's out at radio now if you listen to it and you like it please let me know I'm interested in what you think so thank you God bless and I hope to see you soon alrighty same here take care all right bye-bye bye-bye

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