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 Two young women were sent to the hospital in Leeds, while a guy was arrested in Reading after reports of needle spiking there. 

Reading & Leeds 2022 have been accused of having a spiking sequence over the weekend, which police are currently looking into (August 26-28). 

Attendees at both the Richfield Avenue site in Reading and the Bramham Park site in Leeds reported hearing reports of alleged occurrences of injectable spiking. 

Apparently, two adolescent girls in Leeds had been injected with an unknown substance. In a crowd on Saturday (August 27), one of the girls, aged 17, reported feeling a "throbbing agony" in her thigh, as reported by the Daily Mail. Her dizziness began when she reported seeing a man carrying a syringe make his way through the crowd. 

When she began experiencing seizures on the way home, her mother reportedly rounded her up and rushed her to the hospital. 

A second girl, also 17, was allegedly injected in the crowd an hour after the first lady was supposedly spiked. Moreover, she has been transported to the hospital before. West Yorkshire Police said in a statement, "Police are investigating after two 17-year-old ladies suggested being victims of feasible needle spiking at Leeds Festival." 

After both women reported feeling ill on Saturday, they received on-site scientific interest. Each review has a recorded crime, and further investigation is currently underway. 

Needle spiking has been reported as happening at Reading during the Saturday headlining show by the Arctic Monkeys. A guy was reportedly arrested by Thames Valley Police in connection with the reports, but he was later released without prosecution. 

An ecstasy tablet of "grey or black rectangular shape" was found in the body of a 16-year-old boy who was reported missing from Leeds. On Saturday evening, David Celino became ill and was initially taken to a medical tent before being rushed to the hospital. Sunday morning found him dead (August 28). 

Assistant Chief Constable Catherine Hankinson of the West Yorkshire Police said in a statement on Sunday that while the cause of his death has not been determined, one line of enquiry is that he had consumed a certain sort of ecstasy (MDMA) pill, formerly described as a gray or black rectangular shape. We're keeping up with website inquiries and keeping in close touch with the tournament organizers. 

Reading and Leeds festival organizers sent a warning to attendees before last weekend's events regarding the usage of pills, saying that "ecstasy deaths appear to be growing year on year." Both festivals' websites previously stated, "This festival does now not condone the use of drugs," outlining their various stances on medication earlier to gates opened. Buying, selling, or using illegal narcotics is against the law. Site follows the same laws pertaining to drug enforcement as the rest of the UK. 

"We want everyone who comes to our festival to know that we are here to help and that they can come to us without worrying about getting in trouble if they need anything," 

Reading's site also featured a dedicated section on ecstasy-related fatalities, which began, "Ecstasy deaths appear to be rising year on year." Recent findings of MDMA in tablet quantities appear to be related. Each 2005 capsule averaged 80 milligrams of MDMA (an common person dose is 80-120mg). Tablets are often tested at doses of up to 300 mg of MDMA, and the average strength is now around 160 mg, or twice the typical adult dose. 

"Also, your body weight, hormone levels, use of other capsules or alcohol, and general health can all have an enormous impact on how you react to a medicine. It's possible that your friends have taken the same drug without experiencing any negative side effects. You can't take a safe dose. 

Reading & Leeds 2022 prominently featured advertisements on their massive screens condemning violence, sexual harassment, and spiking, and the charity Safe Gigs For Women was also heavily promoted. 

In addition, police released comments regarding site-specific reviews of illness and tent fires.

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