Damian lillard a. Ok. A. Dame d. O. L. L. A. A. Ok. A brand lillard is now online game cover dame. The portland trailblazers celebrity may be one of three covers of nba 2k21. The new version will drop this fall and usher the collection into the next generation of recreation consoles. Lillard spoke on the respect with stadium’s shams charania.

“i was just like the actual cover or the game in china?” he said. “‘motive it’s usually something like that: the game in china or the computer model. It’s so many different things wherein you may be on the cover or the back cowl … and that they became like, ‘nah, the real cover athlete!’ i was like, ‘dang, that’s what’s up.’ i made it. I’ll be on the cover of 2k.”

he might also detail how his favored gamers have been on the quilt and he finds it an honor now that he is there too.

“on every occasion i come upon a sport that is my favourite year of a recreation, the manner which you understand it's far ‘a. I. Changed into on that cover’ or ‘kobe was on that cover.’ that’s my favored one, so just to join that organization and feature that honor, guy, it’s cool.”

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